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Singer songwriter Kevin Sullivan has toured and played music through Outback Australia for over 20 years, driving through remote towns and seeing the beauty and richness of the land and the true Aussie spirit of people in the bush.

Threeways, the title track to his new album is a song that evokes the driving heartbeat of the Australian Outback, the arid landscape, the culture and the overall welcoming nature of its people. Threeways, calls the traveller to stop and visit an iconic roadhouse in a remote part of the world, staffed by backpackers and used as an oasis on the journey of those traversing the red centre of Australia.

Sullivan wanted to create a sound like the good old days of traditional country music, thinking Johnny Cash, Slim Dusty, Merle Haggard and Charley Pride, with the guitars creating that driving beat, like travelling the highway.

The Sulli-Vans were living in their sponsored Sunland Sulli-Van Caravan and had left outback Queensland entering the Northern Territory during the Covid period.  They came to a fork in the road.  “There was nothing for miles.  We were feeling a little desperate. We stopped to perform a show at the Threeways Roadhouse, fifteen miles out of Tennant Creek, NT, a place I had visited many times over the years whilst on tour with bands”.  The hospitality shown to the Sulli-Vans by the owners Nigel and Annie of Threeways and the staff, many of whom were backpackers from around the world, really touched them and this experience was the motivation for not only this song and music video, but renaming his latest album Threeways.  Sullivan collaborated with Nigel Stevens (Threeways Roadhouse) on this project and is very grateful for his support.

Nigel & Annie of Threeways Roadhouse


#1 ARIA Australian County Music Album

(8 July, 2024)

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As you listen to Threeways, you understand why Kevin Sullivan is carving out a distinctive place in the Australian music landscape.

Mastered by Grammy Award winner William Bowden, Threeways is an Album of songs about family, life, people, career, love and death.  

The Threeways crossroads artwork is synonymous with the many roads Kevin Sullivan has driven and the stark, diversity of his style. Kevin Sullivan has certainly been travelling, however with his latest Album Threeways, the singer/songwriter has arrived. 

If you’re a fan of Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Kelly, Leonard Cohen or just Country & Jazz, well Sullivan’s new album Threeways is for you.

It’s hard to lock Kevin Sullivan into any one genre. He crosses many boundaries.  In Threeways, Sullivan lifts you up with a feeling of euphoria and anticipation and then cleverly weaves you through each track, immersed by his signature voice and rhythm guitar sound. This album features a number of collaborations and was produced in Australia and Nashville. 

You can save the single or Album on all platforms or purchase an autographed copy of Threeways to have your own personal piece of memorabilia from the Threeways Roadhouse and have this album on repeat as you travel the highway!

Many of the songs on Threeways, feature the harmonious voices of Kevin and Belinda’s youngest children, The Sulli-Vans, (KJ, Cha Cha and Jet) who support the singer/songwriter at his LIVE shows having travelled over 180,000 kilometres performing over 300 shows from Cape York, to the Northern Territory, W.A, South Australia and all points in between. Kevin Sullivan & The Sulli-Vans will be performing LIVE at the Threeways Roadhouse from 3 July to 14 July 2024  or click here to see their tour schedule.

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