A chance meeting with Roy from Sunland Caravans in Caboolture Queensland now sees two Aussie blokes teaming up for what is going to be an extremely exciting adventure for Kevin and his young family and Sunland Caravans are coming along for the ride.

Sunland Caravan’s are designing and building the ultimate family van which will be known as the Sunland Sulli-Van and the Sullivan’s will hit the road in October for the start of the ‘Sulli-Van’ Live Music Tour.

The Covid-19 restrictions has clipped the wings of many Australians who love to travel, so holidaying in your own back yard is simply the perfect way to show off Australia to your kids, and perform live music in those little outback towns who may seem isolated from to those the big country music festivals where Australian country towns come alive.

Sunland Caravans and Kevin Sullivan Music are Australia’s newest team to bring country music to outback Australia.

Against the Tide a new single by Sullivan is released on 18th of September, you can really hear the evolution of Sullivan’s music and how working with legendary producer Matt Fell at Love HZ Studios in Sydney, has been a turning point for him. Sullivan says,

Making this single made me realise that I have to have the right team around me and embrace my sound and who I am

Sullivan attributes this to having a great connection with Fell and the other artists, who he has now worked with across continents being the very talented Michael Webb on keys, Wil Kimbrough on lead guitar, Josh Schuberth on Drums and Percussion and Matt played a mix of Bass and Acoustic and whatever else was needed to get the right sound. Against the Tide has a cool acoustic and guitar riff groove and lyrics that in our current uncertain world people can easily relate to, when life, drugs and alcohol and those around you sometimes take you right up to the edge, when you feel like giving up. The driving beat of this song, inspires you to find your own limits and voice to stand up for what you believe in and not be afraid to swim Against the Tide. Check it out ….I’m sure you will turn up the dial!

Listen to Against the Tide here.